Miniature Supermarket

In our extensive assortment you will find just about everything you would expect to see at your local supermarket.

Playing shop can be of great didacticle value to your children. Besides the basic arithmetic involved when buying and selling they get to know the wide range of articles on offer. Thats not just sweets but also a wide range of heathy goods including water, fruit juice, cheese, fruit and vegetables. Since 1996 a variety of organic foods, some of which are actually filled with the original filling complete this experience.

Our miniatures are sold to toy shops, department stores, mail order companies and online shops throughout Europe, South America and Japan…

Experience our fascinating toy shop

In our comprehensive catalogue you will find a range of international miniatures for the play shop and play kitchen.

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Unique products

You would like to place your brand along side the other popular products in our range? Maybe we are just the partner you have been looking for, We can produce a miniature copy of your product exactly to your specifactions.

Wood, metal, plastic or cardboard we can reproduce your product as a miniature packet, ideal for presenting your latest products.




Your products in a miniature package


  • You are in Marketing/Advertising and would like to offer your customers something unique?
  • Give aways or trade fair reminders, let us help. We can produce custom built (small quantaties available) miniatures to fit your needs.


  • Shopping baskets with individual print and filling
  • Spaghetti or pizza for promotions
  • Christmas baskets as a present.

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